CRC International is a Christian organization founded by the Pastor David & Jocelyn GOMA in 2000.The objective of this organization is to establish the Christian Revival Center in all nations. Today CRC exist in France, in the Caribbean of Martinique,  Africa, the Republic of Congo (represented in Brazzaville and Pointe Noire) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Represented in Kinshasa), the United States in New York City.

The goal of the Christian Revival Center is to provide the awakening of the Christian faith in all spheres of society (in the aspect of the religion, economy , polotics, social, humanitary and cultural). Through events such as: conferences, concerts, debates, forums … and though these structures (The Youth Forum,  the Association of Christian Women, the Movement for the Divine Identity of a Man, the Christian Festivals, the School of Liturgical Dance, the School of Gospel, the Social Action and Humanitarian, the Christian Politic Forum, the Business Forum, the Institute for Training of the Christian Works ) CRC is a multidimensional work whose impact is the transformation of individuals by the revelation of their Christian identity by a mastery of its expression in all aspects of their social life.